In the spirit of Nick Crocker’s Thirty Things I’ve Learned.

1. Ask what is this? Ask again. Sometimes I vaguely understand something and draw lot of conclusions on top of that. Ask continuously “what is this?”

2. Keep writing. Almost everyday I look back at some of my writings of 5 years ago and feel how stupid I was. I will look at this writing again and feel the same way.

3. Remove the illusion that you are smart and others are stupid A lot of people are smarter than I am. Remove the illusion to learn from them.

4. Share your progress with friends/family Discussing my progress with my closed ones allows me to take a step back and see if I’m moving in right direction.

5. Multiply the price by 5. See if you still buy it We end up buying stuff we don’t need. We eat fast food because it is cheap.

6. Repeat to the point of boredom before automating I tend to automate a lot of stuff that I don’t end up using regularly.

7. Exercise regularly My favourite show can wait. When it’s time to run, run.

8. Experience the physical limit of your life in your prime I started running and after some time I did my first 5k. Day by day I’m improving on the time it takes to complete 5k. Some days the diff is just a few seconds. Chances are I will reach a state which cannot be improved further. That would be a great day.

9. Remove assumptions that simple things are boring I used to look at people playing table tennis for years and never approached it because it looked very simple and I thought I would be bored soon. Now it’s one of my favorite activities.

10. Be present To give complete attention to what’s in front of you. Be interested, not interesting.